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Blueberry Season in Vermont!

Blueberry Season in Vermont


It’s Blueberry Season in Vermont, and high summer, and everything is possible.

Blueberry season also means there is a delightful bounty of fruits and vegetables of every sort, and no reason to have anything on your plate not grown locally. Our gardens are filled with blooms, our streams with canoes and kayaks, our country stores with the curious, and our back roads and byways are dotted with painters and photographers.

The shelves at our farm stands creak under their loads of squash and beans, corn and peppers, tomatoes and cabbage. And if you are not careful, your back porch will become the unsuspecting repository for drive-by zucchini drop-offs from well-meaning gardener friends who planted, let’s say, a couple of extra plants “just in case.”

We measure time in Vermont in terms of our own seasons: blueberry season, corn season, tomato season, mud season, leaf peeping season, and, of course, ski season.

Right now, we have blueberries tucked in every corner of the kitchen. We pick them at bountiful best, when they are practically falling off the bushes, and freeze them for use all winter long. Well, at least those that actually make it to the berry pail and not our mouths! One of our favorite starters at Readmore is a simple bowl of freshly picked sweet blueberries, light cream, and the tiniest dusting of fine sugar on top. Our guests seldom complain about this one, and often it sparks childhood memories! And in February, High Summer in Vermont is served up on your plates in the form of blueberry pancakes and muffins!

Here is one of my favorite recipes for Blueberry Muffins: RECIPE.

Supper tonight will be corn, that’s it, just corn, roasted or grilled outside (with or without butter, it’s not necessary at all). What’s left, I’ll take off the cob and use in corn fritters in the morning. The early corn this year is much sweeter than some years, so it will be a treat for my guests.

Soon, it will be my favorite season, blackberry season, so stay tuned!