Readmore Inn a Vermont Bed and Breakfast Inn

Common Areas

The Library

common_libraryOur library is the favorite room of the house for many.

Quiet and comfortable, a wonderful place to curl up on a winter’s night with the fire place crackling in the background. Books here are general in topic, and include reference and many of our own collection that is not for sale.

The local book club meets here once a month to discuss a wide range of work including poetry, short stories, biographies, current fiction, and even our own work on occasion.

Through the decades, no one managed to get the brilliant idea to paint the lovely oak trim in this room, and we are thankful for that. The wallpapers on the walls and ceiling are Victorian reproductions, and the frieze border features the phrase “The Wilderness shall blossom as the Rose.”

The Ladies Parlor

common_ladiesparlorThe Ladies’ Parlor has always been a blue room, and we’ve taken it a step beyond.

The entire room is painted by a Vermont artist in the trompe l’oeil style to simulate a glass conservatory with wisteria and roses growing up the sides. It has exquisite morning light!

The wispy clouds on the walls and ceiling give a heavenly feeling to the room! A baby grand piano is the focal point, and the classical fireplace still has its original Italian tiles.

Yes, of course you can play the piano! Or examine the various books on music placed around the room.

The Game Room

common_gameroomThe Game Room stocks a variety of both new and old games and playing cards.

It is a small room, and was the original breakfast room of the house. It has nice morning light and a small, enjoyable fireplace.

Do you like to play chess? Checkers? Clue? We have everything from the Captain’s Mistress to marbles, and a selection of vintage fortune-telling cards as well. ¬†Guests have been known to play cards well into the night.

Books in this room include humor and cartoons!

Great Hall

common_greathallThe Great Hall is the focal point of the common rooms.

This room is all about the light. The original leaded, stained glass Palladium window is embedded with Austrian crystals. It graces the north side of the building, and the light filtering through the colored glass changes as the day wears on. It’s quite magnificent. The unique three-story atrium, with a skylight atop it all, sends lovely daylight drifting into the room even on a cloudy day.

The wallpaper is a reproduction William Morris “Willow” pattern, and we’ve papered the ceiling as well with beneficial insects: spiders and dragon flies.

We have a table filled with books we’ve just read ourselves (often our own Summer reading offerings), a Victrola, a massive fireplace with comfortable seating area, and our check-in desk as well.

At Christmastime, you’ll see our tree dominate the Great Hall, we send it right up through the atrium to the second floor!

Book lovers will find many of Dorothy’s recent reads on the hall table…..


common_gardenThe Rose Garden at Readmore borrows its mood from the past.

Although it was only started in 1998, it has the lush feeling of a Victorian garden, in part because of the old lilacs that border it. The flowers are a mixture of old garden roses, modern shrub roses, and many perennials and bulbs. There is a secret garden corner, a Japanese corner, a quiet sitting area, and a lovely fountain in the middle flanked by some very hardy roses.

Other borders feature peonies, vines, and herbs, all mixed in with many more roses, in fact there are over 50 varieties on the property, all quite hardy.


common_mezzanineMany of our fiction books, including the popular mysteries, are located on the shelves of the Mezzanine on the second floor.

Whether you are sleuthing Miss Marple or Perry Mason, or the more contemporary Kinsey Millhone or V.I. Warshowski, you will find their mysteries on these shelves. We also have a nice selection of fiction from A to Z, books on health, nutrition, food, railroads, Vermontiana, food, art, photography, folklore, Hollywood, and much more.

We also have lots of quilts for you to enjoy looking at. Ask Dot about them, some were gifts, some are part of her collection, and some were part of one of her quilting class projects.

For John Cheever fans, we have “An Enormous Radio” which is a family heirloom from the 1920s.

Dining Room

common_diningroomThis is where everyone gathers, as strangers, and leaves as friends!

We share a common table, and there is something wonderful about sitting around that table with new friends, sharing the cream, a meal, and conversation. Sometimes, it is just about reconnecting with each other and taking the time to savor a meal together before embarking on your Vermont adventures.

However, if you are extremely shy, we can arrange a small table elsewhere in the house. When it is chilly outside, rest assured, your morning will begin with a lovely fire in the hearth, and your breakfast is always served by candlelight to start the day off right.

Always local, always fresh, always what is best, to the localvore’s delight.

If you have a dietary requirement, we can almost always work around it, especially if we know in advance.