Readmore Inn a Vermont Bed and Breakfast Inn

Journey to the End of an Era: An Informal Autobiography

Author:  Melvin Hall
Date/Era:  1947
Room:  Library

“Exciting Adventures and extraordinary experiences all over the world, told with wit and spirit by a man who “hitched his wagon to a restless star.”

Melvin Hall was born in Bellows Falls to William and Sarah, who built the house we now call Readmore in Bellows Falls in 1892. His parents were exciting world travelers, and thus he became one himself.

He writes: I was born on the Connecticut River at Bellows Falls, Vermont, for the customary reason that my mother was there at the time. not being able to show four generations or so of Vermont ancestors back to the days when Vermont was an independent republic, and having spent only about 12 years there, I am not recognized by Vermonters as a true Vermonter.”

His exciting life and adventures are detailed in this book. He made his first trip to Europe when he was 12, and that journey, and his adolescent years, held some of the fantastic experiences of the very early days of motoring in Europe, Asia, and America. He and his mother were the first to motor to the Arctic Circle.

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