Readmore Inn a Vermont Bed and Breakfast Inn

Sample Menus

As the seasons change so do our menus.  Take a look at how we change our menus use as many local ingredients as we can.

The Magnificent Apple Season!

Choice of Chilled Juice

Cranberry Rum Baked Apples
Local scrumptious apples baked with spices, filled with nuts and dried fruits, and served with whipped cream.

Mother’s Galettes with Chunky Applesauce
Mother’s Sunday morning delights, topped with her special
chunky applesauce and fresh berry mixture.

Apple Cider Caramelized Onions
The house is amazing when the onions start to cook!

Mulled Cider
With Dorothy’s secret blend of spices and fruits.

Mocha Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Coffee or Tea

Winter Solstice Feast

Choice of Chilled Juice

Grapefruit Sections with Sambuca Custard
Pink grapefruit sections resting in a light custard made from local organic eggs and dairy, and spiked with a little Sambuca.

Vermont Oatmeal Supreme
Vermont toasted oats, layered with local apples, and cranberries, cooked to perfection with cinnamon and other spices, with choice of toppings of nuts and fresh fruit, and maple syrup of course.

Mom’s Buttermilk Biscuits with Parmesan & Herbs
Sylvia’s best biscuit recipe, with the addition of cheese and herbs, served with Vermont cultured butter.

Horseradish and Raspberry Jam
Dorothy’s own creation, a little sweet, a little tart, a little hot, but not too much.

Mocha Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Coffee or Tea

A Pisces Birthday Party

Choice of Chilled Juice

Floating Islands
Little meringue mountains floating in a rum custard cream
made from eggs from wandering hens and local organic

Green Eggs with Ham
Local green-shelled Aracana eggs scrambled with first
chives from the garden and Taylor Farm Farmstead Jack
cheese, flanked by local ham steak simmered in Dorothy’s
brandied cherries.

Grilled Pineapple with Glazed Pecans
Fresh pineapple slices, grilled, drizzled with cherry brandy and topped with spicy glazed pecans.

Better than Mom’s Hot Minted Chocolate
Mom’s hot chocolate, with Dorothy’s twist of peppermint liquor and a candy cane for garnish.

Mocha Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Coffee or Tea

Rose Breakfast in the Gazebo

Choice of Chilled Juice

Lemon Scones with Rose Hip Jelly
Nana’s scone recipe, enhanced with lemon and served with
jelly made from last season’s rose hips.

Dutch Babies with Seasonal Berries and Rose Scented Yoghurt
A special bowl-shaped pancake filled with whatever is best at the farm stand in the morning, and topped with local Greekstyle yoghurt enhanced with native honey and rose water.

Herbed Hassleback Potatoes
Harlow Farms potatoes, baked with Parmesan cheese
and local herbs.

Iced Rose Water Tea
Fresh herbal tea enhanced with honey and rose water.

Mocha Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Coffee or Tea