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Elope in Vermont and other Specials



It really is easy to elope in Vermont, since there is no waiting period. Start your new life off in relaxing Vermont Style! From the ceremony to the wedding cake for two, we will help you create your wedding weekend memories!

Have you considered eloping?

Well, have you? If you haven’t, you should! We have a special package...

Just the two of you, your vows, a slice of cake, a sip of sparkling cider, and a magic weekend! Shh, we won't tell!

Just the two of you, your vows, a slice of cake, a sip of sparkling cider, and a magic weekend! Elope in Vermont, shh, we won’t tell!

The Village was considered the “Gretna Green” of New England at the turn of the 19th Century, when hundreds of couples boarded the New York trains and came to this little hamlet in Vermont because it did not require a marriage license waiting period, in much the same way that England saw many “quick” marriages as couples went to Gretna Green in Scotland to tie the knot, or not! It is still pretty exciting.

It is easy to elope in Vermont. There is no waiting period in the state. You can get up in the morning, propose to the love of your life, and be married by evening. Done!

The town offices are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and you can get your marriage license there in just a few minutes. And, your innkeeper Dorothy can actually perform the ceremony for you! No fuss.

In nice weather, the gazebo is a popular spot for these impromptu ceremonies. In the winter, the Great Hall or Library serves as a pleasant background for the exchange of vows. We even have some sample vows for you to consider.

This package takes care of it all and includes a stay for two nights at the bed & breakfast inn in a premium fireplace/Jacuzzi room, your wedding ceremony performed by Dorothy (from simple to complicated, we’ll help you), a rose for the lady, a wedding cake for two, a bottle of sparkling apple cider, and dinner at a lovely local restaurant! You can have your choice of special two-course breakfast (do you love Eggs Benedict? Stuffed French Toast?)

Notes: Vermont rooms and meals tax of 9% will be added to this.

     O.K. so this is really important: THIS IS AN “ELOPE TO VERMONT” PACKAGE FOR THE BRIDE AND GROOM ONLY , just the TWO of you, no family and friends of course since this is an elopement. That’s what it means. We don’t expect you to dig out the ladder and haul the bride or groom out of the house in the dead of night, but we also don’t want to be surprised with a wedding party waiting in the parlor! If the family members or friends are renting a room here with us, that is a different story, but please do not expect to have non-guest family and friends show up for the ceremony! That makes it a wedding!

     If you wish something larger than an elopement for the two of you, please request a quote on a small wedding event. 

     Special Rate: Your wedding ceremony, two nights in a premium room, dinner at a lovely local restaurant, two mornings of two-course gourmet breakfast, a welcome bottle of local sparkling apple cider and two Readmore glasses, a rose for the lady, and a wedding cake for two (your choice of flavor). The whole package for only $700!

“What can I say, but it was magic! The house, the food, the ceremony. Every minute of our elopement was perfect and just the way we wanted it – just us!” J & T 

     An Important Note: On September 1, 2009, Vermont recognized same-sex marriage, the first state to do so by legislative vote and not court ruling. All are welcome here!



Vermont Summer Getaways Special!

 Summer is here! Why not take some time for yourselves! This special package

Vermont summer getaways are popular, and with this year’s long winter and chilly spring, even more so.

This bountiful package includes:

* Two nights in a premium room with private spa tub bathroom

Roses are blooming at Readmore, and the air is scented every day with the beautiful aroma!

Roses are blooming at Readmore, and the air is scented every day with the beautiful aroma!

* Elegant dinner one night at a local restaurant

* Two-course gourmet fireside breakfast both mornings

* A bottle of local sparkling cider and two Readmore wineglasses

* Summer flowers for your room!

* Afternoon tea by the fire if you desire

All this and so much more for just $700 plus Vermont sales tax

(Note: If scheduling allows, we can also add a one-hour couple’s massage for an additional $100, most people choose this option and we highly recommend it. It’s always good to get the winter kinks out!)

     Take the time for a pause in your schedule at a lovely Vermont bed & breakfast inn, you two deserve it! Create a memory!

WELCOME TO VERMONT Cheese & Sparkling Cider

A bottle of local sparkling cider, local cheeses from out area and a relaxing setting for you to reconnect with your love!

A bottle of local sparkling cider, local cheeses from our area and a relaxing setting for you to reconnect with your love!

     A popular add on to your stay. We can have this lovely selection of Vermont products waiting for you upon arrival, a wonderfully relaxing start to your getaway! Check in , exhale, and savor!

     When you book your room, we can also provide this popular special offer:

* A lovely plate of fruit and specialty local Vermont cheeses and crackers
* A bottle of Vermont sparkling cider
* 2 Readmore wineglasses to keep


COUPLE’S MASSAGE (very popular…)

Relax. Unwind. Breathe.

Relax. Unwind. Breathe.

     If you have rented a premium room, we can arrange for a therapeutic massage from one of our local massage therapists (sorry, the Cook’s Room cannot accommodate a massage table because of space).

     They are highly skilled, and quite popular! We need advance notice, of course, so that we can arrange the appointment. Each of them has a mobile table that is brought right to your room! The best!

$100.00 per hour