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Take a tour of the Vermont Country Store while in Rockingham

Vermont Country Store Rockingham

Photo of Vermont Country Store

The Vermont Country Store in Rockingham Vermont

The Vermont Country Store in Rockingham is just a few minutes from Readmore, and is famous for not only the unique selection of “general store” items, but for the nostalgia they carry as well. The old floors still creek, the scent of apothecary fills the air, and even in the winter, the light that filters in through the windows highlights many a long-forgotten item.

Yes, as you cruise the aisles of the Vermont Country Store, you’ll find and sample a lovely selection of our famous Vermont cheese, many made right in the Rockingham area from sharp Cheddar to soft bries, and to serve alongside, there are chutneys, mustards, and flavorful dips. There’s Coke in a bottle, Ovaltine, dried beans, wax lips, old-fashioned sour pickles in a barrel, candy by the piece and black licorice whips, homemade fudge, blackberry jam and apple cider jellies, ladies cotton nightgowns, flannel shirts, and rose-scented bath salts. There’s pepper crackers and corn relish, hard-to-find cleaning products, feathered hats, hand-knit sweaters, books, striped linen dish towels, bird-feeding supplies, bag balm and duct tape (don’t forget the various salves, potions, and lotions your grandmother used, still offered in the same tins)! Just to ensure you are on the right track, there are testers of everything so you can douse yourself in the same Evening in Paris perfume you bought your mother for Christmas when you were seven.

Are you looking for a gift for a child? The Vermont Country Store carries a great selection of both hand-made toys and (new) vintage toys you forgot you loved, such as Mr. Potato Head or Operation. A loaded checkerboard invites shoppers to stop for a few minutes for a quick game, while the kids delight in trying out the new finds (from their parents’ childhood) and looking at the assortment of board games that don’t even require a battery!

Another really popular feature of the Vermont Country Store is the sales room on the second floor where many a bargain is to be found, and the famous summer-long tent sales on the front lawn of the Rockingham store, rain or shine, right through the Autumn foliage season. Where else can you find a Princess telephone or typewriter that uses an inked ribbon?